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I miss you so much Eri <3

love you my sister <3
i think i want morocco in my life…and now that you are so close…hmmm yes i think so !! :)

Simple Rain Divination.



When rain is falling lightly outside do the following:

On a flat surface such as a pie pan or cookie sheet, sprinkle an even layer of powdered spice, such as cinnamon. When the surface is completely covered to an even depth take it outside and stand in the rain. Ask your question and then run back inside. The raindrops will have disturbed the spice to etch patterns or symbols into it. Sit quietly and gaze at the spice until you have perceived the answer.

From: Earth Power


waauuuuuuuuiiiiiii i love traveling. i feel so warm and completely comfortable resting before sleep thinking and dreaming about how amazing life is being nomadic….being silly and laughing to myself but it is the best feeling ever! Every day is an adventure and it’s easier to be conscious that you are the creator!..of your day and of your life. the people here are amazing, traveling just lets you go out and make connections with people, find the people you are meant to meet, to share an experience, big or small, seeing and touching and breathing.

i love being able to catch a train or drive to another country. sitting on the train and crossing the border, seeing the environment change, architecture, language and people. aaaaaaah :)

i like it here, this feeling just totally sets me free :-) i have totally fallen in love with spain <3 <3 <3 the earth has my heart and i want to give it a big warm hug!! <3 



Who is going to the ecu film festival? I am traveling from Australia, never been to France, creative and inspired, I would love to make a friend….& my favourite film is Oldboy hehe….xx


1” Chrysocolla by Agave Adornments for ordering info

This doesn’t feel real. The reality of this situation hasn’t hit me and won’t until i’m on my way to the airport. Until then I can see myself there but can’t imagine myself *being* there. I also can’t imagine not having my love around, all the time! Such an insane change in environment and people. Foriegn country, no home, no friends, no boyfriend, no language. ABSOLUTELY FREE. What a journey this is going to be. I will be a lady when I return. Or maybe a woman. Growing and blossoming into my self. Life is an a amazing journey. One of my favourite things to do is pause and pull myself out of everything, take a step back and watch life happen. Like fate pulling us along an imaginary cord. Life before *life* happens.

When I get high and I walk around my house, i think, this is a very old house. This is my grandpa’s house. My dad lived here as a kid. I can’t comprehend how much has happened here. I love that there’s so much history. Imagine the experiences had during the 70’s and the people that walked through these doors, the conversations they had, the clothes they wore, the cars they drove, the memories and energy passing through. I am using the same floorboards, kitchen, toilet, bedroom. I wonder who lived in my room before me? My dad when he was 10? I remember the cupboard wall, the strange fairy bed and the squeaky cowboy doors. The rocky road cookies on sunday morning, the flowers in the garden and building the bridge over the gully at the back…. craZiness.’s amazing what memories are stored in the mind, so deep you almost forget, but when you remember them it’s like accessing data from the akashik record. An amazing feeling accessing these memories, especially when they’ve been stored in your subconscious for so long, just waiting to be accessed, downloaded, remembered …. * i close my mind and magnify my other senses…. Reaching deep into my subconscious memory I remember my room as a sunroom? that memory is so far…almost out of reach…..

I love exercising the mind…….

to the madness, I do confess: Spell for Healing/Happiness/Protection



  • basil
  • rosemary
  • nutmeg
  • sage
  • lavender
  • bloodstone
  • tealight
  • green ribbon
  • small green bag or square of fabric

What to Do:

1. First make sure you are doing this on a night with a full moon. Combine your herbs together and if you have a mortar grind them into a…

(Source: lavenderwrath)


ॐ sur We Heart It.
special one :)